Proven Ways Make Money Through Your Website

Proven ways make money through your website

Today we want to share with fellow readers on different ways you can make some cash out of your website. Making money with a website in this time and age is pretty easy as long as you own a website or a blog, and you have content. This site, for example, makes money through mainly affiliate marketing and selling other people products and services as well as selling our services. However, these are not the only ways available. There are a dozen ways through which you can earn real cash with your website. Many sites will present articles purporting to be teaching you 100 plus tricks to make it happen, but many of them will not work. Today we have analyzed the best of the available means. You should feel free to try any of them on your website and if one of them fails don’t hesitate to try another one. The reason as to why many of us fail as we try to monetize our websites is because we like losing hope so quickly. Blogging calls for utmost patience. Things don’t work in just a day. It takes some time to realize some good results.


  • Email Marketing: Email marketing has proven to be one of the best marketing techniques of all times that can help a big way in monetizing your website. Email marketing can achieve this through various ways. You can send promotions direct to your email subscribers who can then purchase your products and services. It can help drive traffic to your website, and the visitors can buy other products on the site.


This method is made easy by the fact that nowadays getting people to subscribe to your mailing list is pretty easy. You have an option of using various tools available. Some of these tools are Aweber and MailChimp.


  • Reviewing Products


It is my favorite way of monetizing a website. Many people evaluate products and services from other companies and give a link to the products on their websites or main shopping sites where these products can be purchased. When a person reads a review of a product and is happy with the product he or she might click the links to go and buy it. As a result, you will get commissions.

There are a few things to note when you decide to go for this formula.

1. Look for the products that are easy to market to you.

2. Look for products that pay well

3. Review products that you know about.

4. Finally, make sure the products you are promoting are relevant to your website content.

The reasons why I have this as my favorite method

1. You can get endorsed by some companies if you send them more clients. As a result, they can send you free samples to test and review.

2. Higher conversion rates as opposed to email marketing

3. Helps one generate more content that is unique and relevant


  • Creating membership area.
  • When you have a website, you can decide to restrict some content to premium or paid users only. This means that the content of this section of your website is exclusive to paid members and cannot be accessed by all. To get access to it, you need to have a username and a login password that you get by paying a certain fee.


To attract paid members, your content must be worth it. You should first work on killer content. This will guarantee the readers that if they sign up they will get even greater content.


  • Creating own digital content and selling it on your website.


Digital content includes eBooks audios and videos, Logos or anything that can be downloaded. You can create eBooks to teach people on how to use certain products that you sell in your website or is provided by someone else. The same can be done through videos.

Visitors can then download it from your website or through various platforms such as eBay and Amazon where you can have your eBooks listed for purchase. kodulehe valmistamine


  • Sell your website


You can make a good amount of cash by selling your website. Good websites can command a good sum of dollars. If your website is unique and you would like to make some real money you can sell it in places like flippa. It’s simple. You need to have the website you are about to sell listed on the site where buyers can come bid and ask you questions. Website with good traffic and that are unique can fetch some real cash. However, there is one main disadvantage. You will be losing an asset for GOOD!

Sell Advertising space in your website.

Advertisers will come looking for you if your website can attract a lot of unique visitors. They will want to advertise with you because you will have their products reach many potential clients. One of the main reasons, why I love this, is because you are the king here. You have the total authority to command what you earn from these spaces you will be selling and for how long they will be on your website. However, one big disadvantage is that you need some significant traffic actually to convince advertisers for it will be pointless to pay for a space that barely sees no visitors or a few visitors per month. They always want value for their money.

Feel free to try one of the above methods and as I said earlier if one fail don’t lose hope. Try another one. There is no way all of them are going to fail. There are a million websites that are doing it. Why do you believe that yours will fail?

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